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User Sense
UX- en market research

Conducting research? Let's take it off your plate.

Interested in conducting research among (potential) customers? By conducting UX and market research, you make data-driven decisions and avoid steering by assumptions. 

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What type of study is best suited to your needs?

Talk it over with an experienced researcher. 

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We take care of the research process

Based on your input and feedback, we take care of the entire research process. 

Wide range of research methods

We conduct a wide range of studies using various research methods.

Receive an independent research report

All results are shared and interpreted in an extensive UX Research Report.

Our approach

Methods and study types

Recruiting respondents


Costs and examples

1 - Get free advice on your research design

No two studies are the same. In a digital intro call, we discuss the research questions and then advise you on the most suitable methods and respondent numbers.

2 - Let us carry out the study for you

Our researchers help you conduct UX or market research. Via the platform, you can monitor progress, watch live or study the research data afterwards. 

3 - Our research report and evaluation provide you with the next steps

After the study, you can immediately start implementing improvements. Wondering what a research report looks like? View a sample research report.

Choose the research design that fits best

We conduct different types of studies and use quantitative and qualitative methods. We will help you choose the most appropriate design.

Wide choice of research methods

We have extensive experience in conducting and using different research methods. On this page, you will find an overview of all research methods

More than 20 types of research

Using the above-mentioned research methods, we conduct various types of studies. Here you will find an overview of all studies

Let us help selecting the right research method

Book a free intro call with a researcher. 

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Recruit respondents testers via User Sense

The quality of a Research Study is heaviliy influenced by tester quality. This is why we have built our own tester database. We can help recruiting testers within your B2B or B2C target audience all across Europe. 

Invite self-recruited testers or customers

Invite self-recruited testers and existing customers to take part in the study via our platform. In this way, you obtain full control over their data and you can delete their records at any time. 

Hassle-free recruitment due to reminders, instructions and local support

We avoid no-shows and technical issues by working with auto-reminders, translated instructions and localized support teams.  

An independent Research Report

Our researchers analyse all sessions and take extensive notes, which can be viewed via the platform. Afterwards, the results are summarized and interpreted in a Research Report.

A highlight video of 5 tot 10 minutes (qualitative research only)

Our researchers create highlight clips of the most insightful fragments. After doing so, these clips are merged together into a higlight video of 5 to 10 minutes. 

Full access to all research data

Obtain full access to all findings. Playback session recordings, analyse survey responses and view research notes. Want to store results locally? Then make use of our extensive export options. 

Price indication for UX and market research

The cost of depends on the methods chosen and the number of respondents. In general, studies cost between 2,000 and 5,000 euros. Curious about the cost of your study? Request a free quote.

Example research report

Wondering how the results of a study are reported? Then download our free sample report to get an idea.

Read more about UX and market research

Use our knowledge base to learn more about studies. Download sample questionnaires or and read more about the different research variants. 

Want to learn more about UX and Market Research?

Visit our knowledge base. 

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Customer cases

Below you can find a selection of our customer cases. 

Frequently asked questions

Below you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed below? Then contact us directly

Yes. We adhere to all privacy regulations in Europe, which means we store data in Europe. For specific questions with regards to GDPR, please do not hesitate to contact us

We have implemented a wide range of quality control measures to guarantee tester quality. We manually check all unmoderated sessions. For moderated sessions or interviews, customers can reach out to us within 24 hours to flag any issues. 

We use a wide range of channels - ranging from offline advertising to online campaigns - to make sure that we build up a tester database that is representative of the population. In addition to this, we have translated and localized tester sign up processes so that all testers can sign up in their local language. 

Yes, we have multiple bulk packages available in which a discount is included. 

We operate in all European countries. We have the strongest presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. However, our platform can be used in any country. We can facilitate recruitment and research services across Europe. 

Yes, we can take care of tester incentives. In addition to providing advice on the incentive itself, we can process tester payments within two business days after completion of the session. 

Yes, you can invite self-recruited testers for interviews or user tests via our platform.

Yes, we welcome all Europe-based agencies. In addition to an agency account, agencies can also avail of our Agency Network. Please book a demo with us for more information. 

Market Research: a complete overview

Read more about the different types of studies and research techniques within market research.

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