Get feedback from your target audience

Use the User Sense Research Platform to conduct unmoderated user tests with your target audience. Unmoderated user tests are the most efficient way of conducting usability research. Use our platform and tester database with over 25 000 testers to perform remote unmoderated user tests. 

Conducting international UX Research? We have testers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. 

  • Over 25 000 testers in our pool to help you get feedback
  • Discover bottlenecks in the user experience
  • Most efficient user testing method (starting from €59,- per tester)

Get started in 3 steps

See how users use your website or app from their natural environment.

1 - Decide what to test

Create a test plan in the dashboard or work with our templates.

2 - Target the target audience

Select recruitment filters to select the right testers.

3 - Analyse the user tests

Analyse the user tests within 48 hrs on our research platform.

1 - Decide what to test

First, you choose whether you want a website, app, prototype or concept to be tested by our testers. It is possible to perform unmoderated user testing on existing websites, as well as prototypes that have not yet been made available to the public. 

In principle, all prototypes can be tested with an external link. This means that we support Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD and Invision, among others. 

You can use our templates to set up the test. Want to know more about how to set up a user test independently? Then download our whitepaper.

2 - Target your audience

Test with users that match the target group of your website, app or prototype and filter through our pool of over 25 000 testers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland.

You can make unlimited use of the filters that we have built in by default. Do you have a specific target group you want to reach? Then we can set up a recruitment campaign for you. 

Do you have your own group of testers you want to invite? That is also possible. Then you do not use our pool, but add your own testers to the test after ordering the test. 

3 - Analyse the user tests

After activating the test, the first results are often in within 24 hours. Via the analysis tool in the dashboard you can view the transcription and add annotations. Interesting fragments can be combined into a highlight video

No time to analyze the test sessions yourself? Then our UX Research team can help you through our full service. In that case the entire research process will be supervised by one of our UX researchers. 

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